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C21 Systems has launched its new state-of-the-art intelligent location device for the monitoring of a variety of mobile and static assets. Designed to make maximum use of long life primary cell batteries, with multiple sensor and interface capabilities, a comprehensive management portal, and remotely configurable by the user. The system enables customers to ascertain the exact whereabouts of their assets with past history in tables and maps with alert management for emergency situations. Customers can remotely set their own options from any internet access point e.g. reporting-frequency or motion-sensitivity.

Key Features

  • Measuring only 134x62x30mm C21-Locate is a device that has been designed for very low power consumption C21 Locate Backgnd handmotion detection and is ideal for asset monitoring where an external power source is not available.
  • With GPS tracking capability utilising an M2M SIM for reliable GPRS based data reporting, this device can remain dormant for long periods of time.  In deep sleep mode the device can remain active for many years dependent on its configuration and frequency of heartbeat announcements.
  • A configurable accelerometer is included for both motion and shock detection.  In addition, temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity measurements are reported, allowing for environmental monitoring of local ambient conditions, ideal for applications where the asset is sensitive to heat, humidity, and shock.  The device can be set to immediately alarm on detection outside preset ranges.
  • Over air changes to both configuration and downloadable firmware, mean that the device’s functionality can be altered to suit a wide range of end-user applications, and even cater to changing requirements once the unit has been installed.
  • Full battery status data is supported along with an advanced power management system, allowing for the device to announce when the batteries require attention, thus increasing confidence levels making the device secure in service.
  • The device is particularly suited to positioning/monitoring applications where a power source is absent, but a high degree of confidence in operation is required.
  • An advanced and fully featured mapping, status and alerting portal is available for end-to-end control and monitoring.
  • The C21-Locate device is designed and manufactured in the UK allowing, where required, the device’s hardware and/or firmware can be tailored to customer’s specific application requirements.


The C21-Locate device is versatile asset location device particularly suited to high value portable equipment where an unpowered stand-alone device is required.

C21-Locate can track and report back to the asset management portal after it has moved, allowing asset managers to find out exactly where their assets are over extended periods of time. After arming, any unexpected movement can trigger an emergency status at the portal where automated messages can be sent out to a list of individuals. Alternatively, a similar emergency can be raised by the asset after crossing a predefined geo-fence. Additionally, the device monitors the environmental conditions i.e. temperature, relative humidity and pressure. Again, alarms can be set up to warn of high temperature or humidity. A shock detector can warn of shock levels exceeding a predetermined level.

Transport & Logistics

Icon Truck SmallerFit the device externally to the top or side of the container as a permanent fixture (using bolts), or fix temporarily using the magnetic mounting option. Alternatively simply attach to the vehicle cab. The compact device can operate globally for up to 6 years depending on reporting requirements. The device can be used to report back to the management portal periodically, when stationary, when the device first starts to move, or indeed when the device stops moving. When the device is attached or incorporated into a goods consignment, then the environmental conditions of the goods can also be monitored.

High Value Rental Equipment

Icon Digger SmallerHigh value assets are increasingly being supplied through short term rental agreements. Traditionally these have included plant equipment, but increasingly high value technology that is moisture/heat/shock sensitive is entering this sector i.e. camera/broadcast equipment, specialist diagnostics equipment etc. The C21-Locate device can be attached to the assets protective shipping case to provide reassuring location information as well as environmental information such as humidity, temperature, shock.

Static Assets

Icon Boat SmallerAssets such a classic cars, recreational vehicles, holiday homes, boats etc are often left in storage for extended lengths of time. In many cases it is preferable not to attach to the local battery, but rather have a discreet unit tucked away, out-of-sight and out-of-mind. The C21-Locate device is well suited to this scenario and provides long term peace of mind over years of operation with the additional benefit of environmental monitoring.


Size Length 135mm, Width 60mm, Height 29mm
Weight 210g (including batteries)
Mounting Options Two M4 screws on 120mm centres.
Can be supplied with adaptor which houses 4 x 6kg magnets for magnetic mounting.
Casing Material – ABS/PC composite
UL Rating – IP 65
Battery Compartment 4 x M3.5 screws


Size 3 off AA
Recommended Type¹ Primary Cells
Life Expectancy² One alive per week ⇒ 6+ years
One alive notification per day ⇒ 3 to 4 years
One alive plus 2 locations/day ⇒ 2  years
One alive plus 10 Locations /day ⇒6 months
One alive plus 75 Locations /day ⇒ 1 month

¹Life expectancy calculations are based on using the recommended primary cells. Alternatives will affect operating life expectancy.
²There are many operational variables that affect battery life. The unit calculates and reports used battery percentage to the portal on an ongoing basis.


Cellular Network Utilises 2G GSM M2M technology.  The device can be configured to work with most M2M SIM providers many of which provide network agnostic network connectivity.
SIM plans³ SIM providers and associated SIM plans may be matched to customer’s specific needs depending on reporting interval and coverage required.

³When devices are supplied for use with a customer managed SIM plan, a monthly per device fee will be charged to cover the costs associated with using the estate management, mapping, status and alerting portal.

Modes of Operation

Motion In this mode the unit behaves like a conventional asset locator.  Depending on the intervals set, the unit will announce immediately when it detects motion, followed by position information as it moves.  When the unit comes to a stop it will announce its final location.  Whilst at rest the unit will report ‘alive’ events to confirm that the unit is still operational.
Immobile In this mode the unit will announce its position when it first detects motion.  While there is continued motion the unit will NOT announce further positions until it has been stationary for the duration of the defined interval.  This allows for situations where only the final location is required and not the positions in between starting and stopping.  This dramatically improves battery life. “alive” events indicate that the unit is still operational during long periods of inactivity.
Non Transmission Mode This is a preset mode (based on the Immobile mode) that configures the device for travel in situations where transmissions are not desired whilst in transit.
Hibernation In this mode the unit will do nothing for a preset duration or until it is woken by the mapping, status and alerting portal.

Location Methodology

GPS The device incorporates a sensitive state of the art GPS receiver.  A variety of position optimisation algorithms are employed.
GSM Secondary Location In the event that a GPS location cannot be achieved, a secondary (though less accurate) GSM cell based location fix is utilised.  The operation of this fall-back location is configurable.

SMS Listening

SMS listening The device is capable of receiving SMS instructions from the mapping, status and alerting portal.  These instructions can provide the unit with a variety of instructions.  Because the device spends much of its life in deep sleep mode, it needs to wake up to “listen” for SMS instruction.  The frequency and duration of these wake up events can be configured at the portal to suit the application.


Accelerometer The unit incorporates motion detection by virtue of an accelerometer.  Sensitivity and movement parameters are configurable so that different motion profiles can be detected as required.

A second accelerometer is used to detect shock movement exerted on the device.  Shock detection sensitivity is configurable and fully independent of motion detection.

Temperature Ambient temperature is reported.
Relative Humidity The unit reports relative humidity and can therefore be used in applications where detection of conditions that might cause condensation is important.
Dew point The dew point is automatically calculated (from the temperature and humidity) and reported by the device to the portal, making it well suited to applications where condensation monitoring is important.
Pressure Absolute atmospheric pressure is measured with sufficient sensitivity such that a change in height equivalent to walking up/down a few stairs can be detected.

LED Indicator

LED A two colour (red/green) LED provides status and activity information about the device.  For covert operation the LED can be suppressed via portal.

Data Logging

Logging Some applications do not require information to be transmitted in real time.  Similarly devices may be located for extended periods of time in conditions where there is no GSM signal available.  The configurable data logging functionality ensures that the device can be operational even when there is no GSM signal, and report this off-line information next time it is able to connect to the portal or at pre defined internals.

The unit has sufficient flash memory storage capacity to record up to 20 thousand data records.


General Alarm warnings generated by the device are managed by the  portal and can be escalated and distributed by email and/or SMS to pre-configured locations/individuals.  Above maximum and below minimum triggers can be set on the variables listed below.

A first motion alarm can be set to raise an alarm condition, should a device that is expected to be stationary, move.

Alarm Triggers Temperature (°C)
Relative Humidity (%)
Atmospheric Pressure (absolute mbar)


Shock detection When a shock is recorded above a predefined level, the unit will report the event to the portal. The preset level of shock measured in “g” is configurable.

Over-Air Configuration

Configuration All configuration changes are made over-air via the portal.  This gives the ability to make refined configuration changes to devices in the field, as required.

Over-Air Firmware

Firmware As with device configuration, over-air firmware changes can be made as required.  This has obvious benefits should it be necessary.

GAP Platform

General Any device of this type is only as good as the management platform it runs on. In order to provide a fully integrated end-to-end solution, C21-Locate incorporates a standard firmware that delivers its data to the GAP platform. This is a sophisticated, well established professional portal providing the end user with a fully featured mapping and estate management solution.
Integration to other platforms Integration into mapping and estate management platforms of other partners is feasible and would be considered on an individual basis. Please contact C21 Systems for further information.


Unit Pricing

Please contact C21 directly to discuss your application specifics, SIM card requirements, estate roll-out projection, and portal requirements.