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Asset monitoring differs from asset locating in that in a monitoring situation, the asset in question is usually static and has the requirement for measurement and reporting of some specific variable. An example might be a tank containing liquid with a need to monitor the level of the liquid and report to a central station on a regular basis. Additionally there might be a need to alert the central station if levels go above or below preset values. Other variables  may also need to be monitored e.g. temperature, humidity and pressure.

In our experience, each application has specific considerations and rarely can an off-the-shelf device cover these variations.

At C21 Systems, we have the capabilities to bespoke solutions for these differing situations and can vary our standard devices. Different housings and/or firmwares to suit these variations are possible.

Key Features

  • Connectivity
    • 1 x Serial (Rx/Tx) i.e. RS232/485
    • 4 x Digital I/O
    • 2 x Analogue In
    • Bluetooth
  • Based on the same technology as the C21-Locate device the C21 Monitor can be configured with the same GPS tracking capability utilising an M2M SIM for reliable GPRS based data reporting, this device can remain dormant for long periods of time.  In deep sleep mode the device can remain active for many years dependent on its configuration and frequency of heartbeat announcements.
  • A configurable accelerometer is included for both motion and shock detection.  In addition, temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity measurements are reported, allowing for environmental monitoring of local ambient conditions, ideal for applications where the asset is sensitive to heat, humidity, and shock.  The device can be set to immediately alarm on detection outside preset ranges.
  • Over air changes to both configuration and downloadable firmware, mean that the device’s functionality can be altered to suit a wide range of end-user applications, and even cater to changing requirements once the unit has been installed.
  • Full battery status data is supported along with an advanced power management system, allowing for the device to announce when the batteries require attention, thus increasing confidence levels making the device secure in service.
  • The device is particularly suited to positioning/monitoring applications where a power source is absent, but a high degree of confidence in operation is required.
  • An advanced and fully featured mapping, status and alerting portal is available for end-to-end control and monitoring.
  • The C21-Monitor device is designed and manufactured in the UK allowing, where required, the device’s hardware and/or firmware can be tailored to customer’s specific application requirements.


The C21-Monitor is versatile asset location device particularly suited to situations where an unpowered stand-alone monitoring device is required.

C21-Monitor can be interfaced to a variety of different industry standard sensors and report back to the asset management portal as appropriate thus allowing managers to determine the status of the remote unit over extended periods of time. If appropriate (and  after arming), any unexpected changes can trigger an emergency status at the portal where automated messages can be sent out to a list of individuals. Additionally, the device monitors the environmental conditions i.e. temperature, relative humidity and pressure. Again, alarms can be set up to warn of high temperature or humidity. A shock detector can warn of shock levels exceeding a predetermined level.

We connect your sensors to the internet making the data available to you. View on your computer, tablet or smartphone, integrate to other software configurable alerts. Compatible with tens of thousands of sensors from major manufacturers. Our telemetry system takes signals from sensors & machines and makes the readings available via the internet using web browsers and API’s. We can send alarms if a parameter goes over or under a threshold. Our solution is primarily for environments where there is no power available.



Diesel Tank Level Monitoring81_fuel_dispensing16

A very large percentage of the fuel for field applications is lost. With a C21-Monitor connected to your fuel tank, you can make sure that you get the correct amount of fuel at fill-up and that you are notified whenever fuel levels drop too fast (theft or leakage).


Water and Waste-water


You can ensure that your pumps are operational when water levels rise – or when water quality differs from the permitted quality levels. With C21-Monitor you can monitor the status of your pumps, water levels and water quality. This can help reduce onsite visits by only making necessary service. You can also monitor energy consumption to streamline your operations.


Remote Data Logging

Remote data log

The C21 Monitor incorporates 4Mb of data storage for telemetry use and remote data logging and means you no longer have to go round the various locations to collect the data – the data can be logged by C21-Monitor and transmitted so you can easily view it on your computer at your convenience.

The communications method for our remote data logging system is  2G GPRS.

Specification Detail

The C21-Monitor uses the same hardware and software engine as the C21-Locate so in general, the specification for the C21-Monitor is fundamentally the same.

The differences are based around the fact that most applications for the C21-Monitor are bespoked because of the nature of asset monitoring. There are many factors that affect a product implementation and subsequently the product specifications vary.

We invite you to contact C21 Systems Ltd to discuss your particular requirements.

We will endeavour to offer you the benefit of our experience and help you to take your project forward in a professional manor.

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