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Who We Are

C21 Systems is a UK based systems integration and solutions company. By incorporating both a hardware/software design house, and a solutions consultancy under one roof, we are able to provide the best possible custom solutions for our customers. We are currently active in a range of markets, and have products meeting the requirements of commercial, industrial and military customers.

As an independent company with no alliances to third party vendors or service providers, we are able to deliver the best advice and the most appropriate solutions to our clients and their businesses. Our independent, benefits-driven approach is founded on our strengths in innovation, responsiveness to client needs, and our focus on delivery.


Innovation comes in a variety of forms – in how customers’ needs are identified and satisfied, in the use of existing technologies, and in the use of new technologies providing unique solutions. C21 has designed, implemented and delivered many solutions including unique data services and delivery mechanisms, process control equipment, and business solutions, as well tailoring existing technologies to meets the specific needs of our clients.


We recognise that each client and each problem has its own challenges and issues. Our solutions are therefore tailored to our clients’ specific circumstances, drawing on the industry insight and experience of our consultants. Our relationships with clients are characterised by respect, flexibility and collaboration, and we pride ourselves on the speed of our response and the dedication of our people.



Delivering client value is ingrained in our culture. We focus on detailed implementation, with a renowned track record of delivering innovative solutions that achieve lasting change. We guide projects from conception, right through completion and beyond – delivering significant and measurable value to our clients.


With 20 years of leading edge development experience, C21 brings together a wide range of electronics engineering skills from a variety of backgrounds. We have a great deal of experience of developing products for the defence, industrial, and data broadcasting markets, and progressively build on this extensive knowledge in current and new projects.


C21 has many years of electronics design expertise incorporating microprocessors & peripherals, data comms, wireless technology, power supplies, and signal conditioning into custom designs. This ensures that products are uncompromised, physically small, and meet all of the requirements of the solution specification.



C21 has significant expertise in embedded software on a variety of platforms. Typically our designs incorporate custom embedded software that is able to leverage significantly higher performance from a micro-controller than an OS based solution can offer. Additionally we have many years of experience in the provision of Windows applications software for the provision of monitoring, control, and configuration.

By utilising this range of skills, C21 is able to implement solutions in-house that incorporate electronics design, embedded firmware, and applications software with sophisticated GUI interfaces and database functionality i.e. real world end-to-end solutions, without any compromises.